Member Marketplace

Experius provides its Member customers the very best OEM brands and Experius branded products at the lowest cost, while providing the highest level of service and support.

The Experius brand of commercial flooring products are manufactured by the most recognized names in the industry.

Whether it’s a new product or discounted overstock from another member, there is always something happening at Experius. Be sure to stay connected to find out the latest in new and unique flooring products, adhesives, accessories, new overstock products and more!

New Products Added to Experius Distribution

We continue to add products to our member marketplace, some of which include a Tile Leveling System, DRC Industries Fuse Board HD and Fuse Board LD, Schönox products, Optimum Technologies Fuse Flex Tabs, and Opti-Grip®.

Extended Shelf Life on Most XL Brands Products

Based on extensive testing, XL Brands has extended the shelf life from one year to two years on most products, including all Experius adhesives, Stix Essential RES and Stix Essential MOD, providing they remain unopened and are properly stored. This does not include some specialty products such as Dyna Stix STP and some specialty aerosols, which will retain the one-year shelf life.