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Why Partner With Fuse Commercial?

Your multi-location projects will benefit from a proven, best in class methodology and adaptable project execution framework tailored for any type of commercial project.

Our Key Capabilities:

  • A single point of accountability on an international level provides consistency throughout the project with reliable and predictable results.
  • As one of the largest partner network of flooring professionals, we have more than 170 locations throughout the United States and Canada, 1,500 professionally trained installers, 2,000 project managers with practical experience.
  • Fuse Alliance network members ensure projects are always delivered to the highest levels of quality by leveraging integrated workflows and rigorous risk reduction methods.

Plan For Your Flooring Investment with Expertise and Confidence.

With Fuse Commercial as your partner, our goal is to help customers reduce risk, accelerate delivery and lower overall costs.

Whether your project is in one location or multiple locations, your projects will benefit from our proven, best in class methodology and adaptable project execution framework that is tailored for any type of commercial project. Email Mike Hutton, senior vice president, to find out more about our national installation services.

Explore Our Network To Find The Right Flooring Professional Partner.

Our reliable network members understand how to effectively source high-performing flooring products, integrate labor and recommend the right maintenance program. Find a flooring professional now. 

What’s more, our network consults on the right reclamation program, diverting carpet and other flooring material from landfills. We accomplish this locally and through a multi-site approach. Learn more about our Ecollect™ program.

To get directly in touch with Fuse Commercial, please reach out to:

Mike Hutton, Senior Vice President of Fuse Alliance

888.586.1198 x101


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